before & after

of an intro/extrovert.


I am, like everyone, wanting to make money for the household. I would love for my husband to retire sooner. I would love to pay off debts and student loans. I also wanted a discount on these clothes!!! Being able to have a business I could work from my home and online is paramount. I have multiple chronic conditions that keep me from working outside the home, or even freelance.  Selling Agnes & Dora - even if I need to have a bookkeeper and help at pop ups - would give me an opportunity to contribute to my family and use my creativity.


I found something even better here after joining - a sisterhood (of the traveling leggings? hmm...). I know, you hear empty talk about "we are a team" or "family friendly" cultures - only to be disillusioned. Also, I am no joiner - I am mostly introverted (unless you know me well, ha) which is hilarious because my multicolored hair draws some looks in my little town. Well, the team I joined -  the referring rep I have - the realness of  Buffy's heart centered, women empowering vision - gave me benefits I didn't believe were possible. I have gained a new confidence, teammates that are genuine friends, a larger sisterhood that is generous and supportive, and a purpose beyond income. I have seen customers think they couldn't wear the clothes, or not be into fashion, try the clothes on and light up because they feel beautiful, and comfortable! These things are my new why. These women, all of us building an empowering community and looking damn fine while doing it.

Guess which one I am, hahaha