Why Team Fancy Girls?


fancy girls solidarity.

Our team is truly a sisterhood - we empower, support and have fun with each other. I have never felt part of a group like this before and it is liberating and confidence boosting. Joining Team Fancy Girls provides you a built in cheering section and support squad. We will all be there to guide you through your start up and beyond. Team Fancy Girls was established in January 2016 .  We have grown with intention, without actively recruiting, and have stayed close knit since the beginning .   I look forward to helping you get started with our team and providing the very best current training for both online and in person sales. 

You will be getting multiple layers of support (like a parfait) - myself, our team, our rep group and corporate. This brand truly is heart-centric and about helping women. We may all have different styles and personalities, but our common goal is being our best self and helping other women be empowered all while wearing chic, comfy, flattering clothing. Contact me for more info below or at bkoziiwear@gmail.com today!

All hands on deck.

Team Fancy Girls uses an all hands on deck format.   We share the job of creating training to get you the info you need, and stay up on outside resources to be able to adapt with the market.  Want to team up for a vendor event?  We have you covered.  Have sales experience you're ready to share?  We'd love to hear it!  Right now, we are located in the Piedmont Virginia area, & near Columbus Ohio but many of us are willing to travel and always happy to expand.  Your market is waiting for you!